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Since 1994 more art galleries have chosen Masterpiece Manager than any other gallery management software

The leading choice of galleries, artists & collectors worldwide. Masterpiece Manager is a comprehensive online art database software designed specifically for the art world. It includes comprehensive inventory management, CRM tools, point of sales and invoicing, exhibition & art fair list management, website & e-commerce integration, email marketing campaigns, online auctioning, free participation in the largest online art marketplace and more.

Masterpiece Manager is beautiful, intuitive and will save you time and money. Masterpiece will help you success in the business of art.

Masterpiece Manager ranked #1 art gallery software solution in the World!

Small Business Software Reviews

My business is operating more efficiently and I’m making more money. Customer service is superb.

LH Selman review of Masterpiece Manager

LH Selman

“Masterpiece is intuitive, integrates with my Quickbooks, runs my online auction and seamless pushes of my products to my website as well as Masterpiece Online.”

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Art Gallery Software Reviews from Capterra

“We upgraded to Version11 + website. One word, Awesome!”

Review of Masterpiece Manager from West Lives On Galleries

West Lives On Galleries

“Very intuitive. This is eliminating the need for 1 full time employee between the website updates automatically taking place and the email/client information always update and not having to know another system (constant contact, etc.). We no longer need constant contact.

The team was professional, suggestive, and VERY timely upon all requests made. Really felt like they are “in it to win it” and that my success is truly their success! Great software always improving!”

“Very Happy with Masterpiece Manager”

Review of Masterpiece Manager by eLearning Art

eLearning Art

“Masterpiece is always innovating and improving and support is top notch. The software is full of functionality and has lots of capabilities.”

“Excellent Product for Art Galleries”

Review of Masterpiece Manager by Motoko Original Art

Motoko Original Art

“We love the control over our inventory, especially the ability to control limited edition prints and avoid duplicates; contact database linked to art purchases.”

“Excellent customer service and very easy to use program”

Review of Masterpiece Manager by Ku Ku Bulkaway Gallery

Ku Ku Bulkaway Gallery

“The software is easily navigated, the team adapted the software to our specifications for our use in Australia. Even the less experienced employees can use this fail safe system. We can see how much stock we have at a glance. We can track items sold and who to. It has a customer data base we can use for emails.”

Manage Art Inventory

We know you handle Originals, Limited Editions and Open Stock titles. We know you allow your works to go out on Approval. We know that accurate consignment reporting and payments is the heart of your business!

Manage Contacts

Gain complete control of all your contacts: Customers, Artists, Vendors, etc. Track all of sales, purchases and communications specific to each contact.

Run Point of Sale

Masterpiece Manager can handle every aspect of your sales transactions: Processing Payments and Credit Cards, Printing Invoices, Paying Consignments, Tracking Commissions, etc.

Art Websites

Stop missing sales because your web site is outdated! Stop getting punished by Google because your web site is not mobile-friendly. Update your web site as you do business – no extra work – no additional expense!

Mass Email Marketing

Easily create, send and track email campaigns directly through Masterpiece Manager. What good is a great contact list if you don’t have the tools to use it? Other programs force you to export and import static lists that are obsolete the minute after they are created. Masterpiece Manager lets you create dynamic lists that change as your client details change – AUTOMATICALLY. We takes the work out of creating your email and guides you through the process with just a few easy steps.

Works on any Device

You shouldn’t have to deal with a different version of your art gallery software for when switching between your computer, tablet or phones? Masterpiece Manager runs exactly the same whether you are using a Mac, PC or any of your mobile devices. Just login and get to work!

Cloud Based

You access Masterpiece Manager as easily as you log into Facebook. This is a cloud-based service that is available to any device that is connected to the Internet. We have chosen to place Masterpiece Manager on the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform. This is the largest and most secure computing platform on the planet, which is also used by global stock trading markets and leading Internet services like Netflix.

The Cloud lets us take care of Masterpiece so you can focus upon your business!

Anytime, anywhere

Masterpiece Manager works where and when you need it. It is built upon the same technologies as global leading icons such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Facebook. Masterpiece Manager is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which means there is nothing to download or install. It is fully Responsive so you simply open a web browser and get to work – whether you are on a Mac, PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. Unlike desktop software or mobile applications, the full power of Masterpiece Manager is available to you no matter where you are or what technology you have in your hands.

Everything you need!

Since 1994 Masterpiece has partnered with art galleries around the world with a single driving concern – how can we help them succeed? As a result over 1300 art galleries have chosen Masterpiece through the years. Masterpiece Manager represents over 2 decades of the wisdom our clients have shared with us. There is no mystery why it is the most intuitive and complete gallery management solution available. Through a single login Masterpiece Manager gives you powerful tools to manager virtually every aspect of your business.

A Few of our Happy Clients